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Farnham Sound Baths & Yoga with Trudi Powell. Join me for my Restorative and Hatha Yoga Classes in the Culver Room in the Farnham Library. My classes are small and friendly and are suitable for all abilities & levels, so whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you would be very welcome.


My 1:1 and Group Sound Baths are a popular way of rejuvination, healing and stress reduction. 

I also offer Corporate Yoga classes for lunch times or after work. 

  • Small Classes

  • All abilities, beginners welcome

  • Friendly yogis

  • Every Class is different

  • Qualified Teacher

  • Beautiful Sound Bath Events


Hatha Yoga - Online


7-15pm - 8-15pm

£10 per Person


Restorative Yoga

Farnham Library

7-30pm - 8-30pm

£15 per Person

Group Sound Bath

Quinnettes Barn

Churt, Farnham

£15 per Person


Hatha Yoga

 Farnham Library


£15 per Person

Private 1:1 + Corporate   Sound Baths

Farnham Area


Summer Solstice Sound Bath Event with Trudi 

 Sunday 23rd June 6pm - 7pm

 £15 per Person


My name is Trudi Powell

I love to share my passion for yoga and sound in a warm and friendly setting. I hold small classes, suitable for all levels including beginners and every class is different. 

No fancy clothes or equipment needed!

The aim of my classes is to help you connect back to yourself, to focus the mind and body so you will leave relaxed, balanced and restored.   

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Looking after your wellbeing

Sound Baths

Would you like a 1:1 or Group Sound Bath in the comfort of your own home or a local venue that I can arrange? 


 I also hold  Public Group Sound Baths in the gorgeous Quinettes Barn, Churt, Farnham. Treat yourself and your loved ones to this lovely healing experience.

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Reiki - Coming Soon

Make an event memorable

Yoga Parties &

Private Sound Bath Events

Have you got a Hen Party, Birthday or Special Celebration? I can arrange a private venue or come to your home to help mark the occasion with this "something different" idea. 

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I can bring my Sound Baths to your home


Hatha Yoga 

Time becomes available to physically and mentally engage with each posture and space is created to experience the magic of yoga. Moving slowly fosters correct muscle engagement making them work harder, taking time to observe the breath allowing more effort to breathe in a slower, deeper way.

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Corporate Yoga Classes available


Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a style of yoga that unlocks the physical, mental and emotional blocked and stuck energy in the body. Allows the system to move into a parasympathetic (deeply calming) response. using bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body for a deeply healing practice.

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Reiki - Coming Soon


Katie H

“I can't recommend Trudi's Yoga enough. She is so knowledgable and a really great teacher. Every class is different and options are given to suit all abilities. She's a real zen master!"

My Customer testomonials

Marketa H

“Trudi can make me smile even in the most challenging positions. I really appreciate smaller groups and this is just perfect! Definately recommend"

Marie W

“I've been going to restorative, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes with Trudi and she's amazing. Super friendly and a great teacher who can help you improve as the classes are a nice small size. Would recommend to anyone who wants to give yoga a go"

Sound Bath benefits

Embrace the vibration


Highly Rejuvenating

Sounds Baths are highly rejuvenating for the body and mind. It brings an overall sense of relaxations and wellness, reducing stress . 


Promotes Healing and Rest

Soundbaths can help to improve sleep as the sound vibration promotes healing and rest..


Relaxation and stress reduction

Remove emotional blockages and encourage a greater stillness and contentment, clarity and balance. 


Healing Vibrations

During a 1:1 Sound Bath, a blanket may be placed over the body with brass singing bowls placed on or near the body to resonate with their healing vibrations.